May Day Basket- Get started now for the May 1st holiday! {Craft Idea}

April Holiday Idea: Nicole Kelly
May Baskets-May 1st
Reach out to your community
Witness your faith
Share a smile
Make a simple craft with your kids

May day was celebrated by early European settlers in America, and comes from
even older Celtic & Druid secular celebrations. In some parts of the United States,
May baskets are still a delightful tradition. These small baskets usually filled with
flowers or treats are left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs
away. The person receiving the basket tries to catch the fleeing giver. If they catch
the person, a kiss is exchanged. While May day is not rooted in Christianity, what a
great way to make yourself known to neighbors and share an easy craft with your
kids. Why not make your neighbors and their kids smile when you show them they
are special to you?

The quickest May basket I’ve made is a paper cup with two holes punched near the
rim & a fuzzy pipe cleaner handle. Pop some popcorn to fill the majority of the cup
and dot with some candies. Decorate the cups with printed paper or stickers, add
a flower, or keep it simple. If you want to make your basket a witness to others
perhaps add a bible verse (printed fortune cookie sized) at the bottom of the cup.
Or add a simple invite to that back yard BBQ you’ve been meaning to host since you
moved in to the neighborhood 7 years ago. No matter which way you choose to use
your baskets you’re sure to make some smiles & memories as well.

~Nicole K.

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