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Neck Warmer Pictures and Directions!

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From our friendly Crafts Coordinator Laura, here are the directions to make neck warmers as well as some delightful pictures of us making them.

To make your own massage oil,

See the neck warmer over her hand?

Place 1 oz. grape seed oil (can buy at natural markets and some major grocery stores) into a small container (I got ours at The Container Store).
Add a few drops of essential oils, to your liking. Our favorite combinations were lavender and vanilla; jasmine and vanilla; eucalyptus, rosemary and mint; tangerine and vanilla
Close tightly and shake to combine. The oil should stay fresh for about 6 months.
Sewing up the neck warmers.Sewing help, sewing neck warmers
To make neck warmers:
Take your favorite fabric and cut into a rectangle. Fold it in half with the right sides together, begin at the bottom of the fold stitch 2 sides (Not the folded side).  End with a back stitch at the top of the second side to hold the seam.  Fill a separate plastic bag with enough rice to fill your warmer about half way about half way.  Drop about 6 drops of essential oils into the bag with the rice and shake up.  Then deliver the rice into the warmer through the unstitched side.   Close the opening by folding in the seam and stitching across.  Viola!  Place in the microwave for about 2 minutes.  Shake and place on your neck.  If it is too hot, let it cool.  If it is not hot enough cook in the microwave a bit more.  Do not get the warmer wet or your rice will become cooked and stinky.

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