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Friday is also a craft meeting! Valentine’s Day Kits

Hello all!

Our craft for Friday, as Melissa mentioned, is Valentine’s Day Kits to share with your sweetie. To make the most of your crafting experience, I thought I’d let you know what the three kit options are, in case you’d like to bring anything specific:
Game night Nothing – we have all the pieces
Wine & Cheese/Chocolate Wine, Favorite chocolate (if you have one)
Movie night Favorite movie candy (to fit inside a VHS case), movie gift card or tickets (if desired)
We will have popcorn, a small selection of movie candy, and chocolates that you are welcome to use as well —  I just wanted to give you the opportunity to get the wine and/or specific types of candy if you have a strong preference. I know if I don’t finish the kit at our meeting there’s a small chance it will actually be completed to give my husband by the holiday!
Feel free to contact me with any questions, and I’ll see you Friday!

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Meeting this Friday “Synchronized Swimming” working to better express and interpret love with our spouses

Hello Moms!

 This is a reminder to join us Friday, Feb. 1. Our theme this month is “Synchronized Swimming,” as we work to better express and interpret love with our spouses. We will be making Valentine’s Day kits to share with your sweetie.
As always, the details:
_ Our meetings are from 9:30-11:30 a.m., with MOPPETS care starting at 9:15.
_ Table 1 is in charge of breakfast. (In case you’ve forgotten your new table assignment, this is Britney, Jessica, Sandy, Jeanine, Vanessa G. and Nicole D.)
_ Bring a friend! Our crafts have really been fun this year.
Finally, we want to thank everyone for their donations and help for Tickets for Treasure. Thanks to our group, we made roughly $1,300, ironed out many of the kinks from last year and represented MOPS to the greater OFLC congregation in a very positive way. It was a wonderful night!

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No Meeting Tomorrow- Next Meeting January 18th

Good evening moms!

I hope you are all recovering from the busy Christmas break and avoiding the long list of sicknesses making the rounds. And I hope you either have some or none of your Christmas cookie stash remaining, depending on whether eating healthier is a New Year’s resolution.
I just wanted to remind everyone that we are NOT having a meeting tomorrow, Jan. 4. With many of us still on school vacation, we figured there may be moms traveling or home with older kiddos.
But don’t fret, our new semester starts Jan. 18. We’ve got some great topics and crafts planned and expect our meetings to continue to be awesome. (This is directly related to our great and awesome group of members!)
A few early reminders:
_ The Women’s Banquet is scheduled for Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m. This event allows us to get together with the larger Our Father congregation, enjoy dinner served by the men of the church and hear a great speaker. This is also our Tickets for Treasure benefit. Tickets are $10, and I’ll have registration information soon. Please plan on joining us!
_ Don’t forget your Tickets for Treasure donations too! We’ll need all your help to reach our fundraising goal this year.
_ Tuition for next semester is again $90 or $15 per meeting. Remember, tuition help is available for those who need it.
_ If you know some moms, please invite them!
See you in a couple weeks, Melissa.