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Real Grass in the Easter Basket! Get ideas and supplies now! {Easter Craft Series}

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Easter happens to be my very favorite holiday. A few years ago I did a big party with my neighbors. I invited the neighbor kids over at the beginning of Lent, and told them to bring their Easter basket and a plastic container that fit nicely inside. I supplied the potting soil (purchased from our local Home Depot) and wheat grass seeds (you can buy these at Amazon). The kids got to fill their plastic containers with dirt, and sprinkle the grass seed on top. Then we covered them slightly with more potting soil, placed the baskets in a sunny spot, and VOILA! Real grass in their Easter baskets when the holiday arrives. In fact, we planted too soon and it needed several trims in the interim! If you did this 2 weeks in advance of the holiday you should be set. It looks beautiful and is MUCH more eco-friendly than the plastic green stuff (although, to be fair, I used the plastic green stuff last year, which is a little more convenient).

Here’s a photo of the finished product! I used mine as centerpieces for the main event, but all of the kids used them as their actual baskets, and collected their eggs in them. The Easter bunny also left his treats in them. Last year I did something similar for centerpieces, but I purchased pansies, tulips and other spring blooms to use instead of the grass, which also looked really pretty — and I got to transfer them to my pots for spring planting!
~Laura L.

Here’s A Reminder About Easter 2013 Calendar Dates -From About.com:
February 13 – Ash Wednesday
March 24 – Palm Sunday
March 28 – Maundy (Holy) Thursday
March 29 – Good Friday
March 31 – Easter Sunday (Western Christianity – Roman Catholic, Anglican Communion, Protestant Churches, etc.)

May 5 – Easter Sunday (Orthodox Christianity – Eastern Orthodox Churches)

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One thought on “Real Grass in the Easter Basket! Get ideas and supplies now! {Easter Craft Series}

  1. Great ideas…thank you!!!!

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