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Give Yourself Permission to REST!

“Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is rest.”
–Robert Swanson

It’s a lie to believe that rest is for weaklings and that the strong press through. Vince Lombardi, Walt Disney, Picasso, Winston Churchill and Jesus all had something in common. They took naps (some of them daily). REST!


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When people get on your nerves, pray for them so that YOU can be helped! Bless them. We do not have permission to curse anyone. Job was delivered and restored when he prayed for his friends.
–Wendy Evans

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Marshmallow Beluga Whale Craft and Activity

Make this a fall activity by roasting the marshmallows before eating!

craft/popsicle stick
scotch tape
4 large marshmallows (3 for craft, 1 to eat)
chocolate syrup
Heavy weighted white paper
flipper and tail flukes cut outs
Background information:
SeaWorld animal information book: http://seaworld.org/animal-info/info-books/beluga/index.htm
Baby Beluga song with lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjUYAom5i4c
Draw and cut out flippers and tail flukes. (Hint: Leave a pointed end on the flippers to stick into the marshmallow. See pictures below.) Pour a small amount of chocolate syrup into a small bowl.
SeaWorld animal information book

Introduce the beluga whale using the SeaWorld animal information page above. Highlight the blowhole, lack of dorsal fin, flippers, tail flukes, blubber, and color/camouflage (white). Also, make sure they see a picture of a beluga whale. Next, tell your little one that you are going to make a beluga together using marshmallows. Let him or her eat one before you start so he or she can focus on the craft!


Making the Beluga:
1. “String” 3 marshmallows on the craft stick, leaving a place to tape the tail flukes on one end. (hint: The last marshmallow will be the head, so don’t push the craft stick all the way through.)
2. Push the two flippers on either side of the second marshmallow.
3. Tape the tail flukes on top of the craft stick left at the end of the marshmallow whale.
4. Dip the toothpick in the chocolate syrup and draw eyes, mouth, and blowhole on the head (first marshmallow).
5. Watch and listen to the Baby Beluga song using the YouTube link above.
6. Eat your beluga! (Remember to remove the flippers and flukes first!)



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What is Your Legacy-Part 1 1/2

Today my pastor gave a sermon on how to pass on your legacy. Here are his topics, scriptures, and notes combined with my personal notes. I hope this helps you get started with your own family legacy!

Passing On a Legacy – 2 Chronicles: 17-20
Pastor Mike Romberger, Mission Hills Church

How to Pass-On a Godly Legacy…

#1: To pass on a godly legacy you MUST start with yourself.

You can’t give away what you don’t have. As goes the leader so goes the follower. What you say must match what you do. You must have authenticity.

#2: To pass on a godly legacy you MUST make that your highest priority.

You must have intentionality, commitment, focus. Be present. Set goals for the family just like you do with other parts of your life.

Example focus areas:
Generous/helping others

#3: To pass on a godly legacy you MUST take an uncompromising stand.

It takes courage and strength. You must tear some things down to build some things up. There will be conflict! Stick to your guns.

#4: To pass on a Godly legacy you MUST pray for God’s power

God is the one who changes a heart.

2 Chronicles 20:12
We do not know what to do but our eyes are on you.


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It’s good to know who you are. Why? Because you can fix anything that needs fixing when you know what the problem is! If you don’t look at yourself, how will you know what needs a simple tweaking and what needs an overhaul? God can deal with anything you’ve got, but He wants you involved. So, it’s important to evaluate yourself so that you can go to God with open eyes and an open heart and ask Him to help you with those things. -Jesse Duplantis Ministries Facebook status

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Meeting Highlight

Practice #2: Prayerful Meditation of Scriptures by Fran Love
The practice of scripture meditation takes 30 minutes. Many moms don’t have that amount of free time on a daily basis. Yet our week often presents to us a gift of an unexpected free time. You can shorten this meditation to as little as 5-10 minutes. Look at a short passage of Scripture, perhaps a favorite verse or story. You can use the same verse or story over and over again. (just like your kids who love to hear the same story over and over.) Notice what stands out to you. Acknowledge to yourself what you are thinking, feeling, sensing and longing for. Talk with God about it. That’s it: simple.

Make yourself READY
Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.
Choose a brief passage of scripture.
Ask God to meet you during this time of prayer.
You may want to journal. This helps you slow down and better process your thoughts, prayers and reflections.

READ (5 min.)
Read the passage slowly, letting your awareness rest on each word.
Ask yourself: What word or phrase strikes me?
Read the passage again.
Ask yourself: What does the word or phrase make me feel or think?
Read the passage again.
Ask yourself: Do I find I want to respond in some way?

Listen for the still, small voice of God.

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What is Your Legacy? Part 1

A few weeks ago, during a sermon, my pastor asked, “What is your legacy?” He went on to explain that this was not something material, but something bigger, something that would live on through somebody else. I began to think about what legacy I wanted to pass on to my children, and to be honest, I couldn’t think of anything. Then I started to be conscious of what I said to them on a regular basis, and I narrowed it down to four reoccurring ideas. The following is the first:

Do it afraid.

Do it afraid. What a simple idea, but it is often extremely difficult in practice. How many times do we quit or fail to even try because of fear? It can keep us from our dreams and sever us from people we love. Imagine what we could accomplish if we would just feel the fear and do it anyway! We would apply for our dream job, make that phone call we’d been putting off, go to the party alone, forgive the person who doesn’t deserve it, love more deeply than we could imagine. How would your life be different if you always did it afraid?

In July, my four-year-old daughter went to theater camp. On the day of her performance she said, “I’m afraid to go in front of those people.” I said, “I know. A lot of people are afraid of that too, even Mommy. But what do we have to do sometimes?” She replied, “Do it afraid.” And she did. And she was awesome! I want my children to live life to the fullest, and sometimes do it afraid!

What is your legacy? Please add your ideas in the comments sections below.