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Marshmallow Beluga Whale Craft and Activity

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Make this a fall activity by roasting the marshmallows before eating!

craft/popsicle stick
scotch tape
4 large marshmallows (3 for craft, 1 to eat)
chocolate syrup
Heavy weighted white paper
flipper and tail flukes cut outs
Background information:
SeaWorld animal information book: http://seaworld.org/animal-info/info-books/beluga/index.htm
Baby Beluga song with lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjUYAom5i4c
Draw and cut out flippers and tail flukes. (Hint: Leave a pointed end on the flippers to stick into the marshmallow. See pictures below.) Pour a small amount of chocolate syrup into a small bowl.
SeaWorld animal information book

Introduce the beluga whale using the SeaWorld animal information page above. Highlight the blowhole, lack of dorsal fin, flippers, tail flukes, blubber, and color/camouflage (white). Also, make sure they see a picture of a beluga whale. Next, tell your little one that you are going to make a beluga together using marshmallows. Let him or her eat one before you start so he or she can focus on the craft!


Making the Beluga:
1. “String” 3 marshmallows on the craft stick, leaving a place to tape the tail flukes on one end. (hint: The last marshmallow will be the head, so don’t push the craft stick all the way through.)
2. Push the two flippers on either side of the second marshmallow.
3. Tape the tail flukes on top of the craft stick left at the end of the marshmallow whale.
4. Dip the toothpick in the chocolate syrup and draw eyes, mouth, and blowhole on the head (first marshmallow).
5. Watch and listen to the Baby Beluga song using the YouTube link above.
6. Eat your beluga! (Remember to remove the flippers and flukes first!)




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