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Are You Ready For Potty Training?

I am starting this process with my daughter, ugh!

Potty Training Readiness: What You Should Know (Parents.com)

Quiz: Is It Time To Start Potty Training? (Parents.com)


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MOPS Meeting Highlight

Ruth Koch highlights:

4 things to help you heal from shame:
1. Habit of gratitude.
2. Forgiveness-if you don’t forgive it is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die. God, as you are forgiving me also help me forgive.
3. Self compassion.
The way we generate feelings about something is how we think about something.
4. Make new choices. “Your story” does not define your present or future. God has promised to stand by us while making new choices.

Love and accept yourself and others “as is”. God will help you.

Recommended book:
1000 Gifts by
Anne Voskamp

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MOPS Meeting Speaker

Our guest speaker this week:


Ruth N. Koch, M.A., NCC

Ruth Koch is a mental health educator and National Certified Counselor. Trained in both social work and counseling, she teaches about everyday mental health issues that impact personal and family relations.

For over 40 years, Ruth has conducted workshops and classes for church communities, church professionals and others who are looking for practical and effective coping strategies for both the ordinary and complex problems of Christian life.

An author, speaker and consultant, Ruth is the author of Prepare to Serve!, the LWML’s video study series on various mental health issues and leadership. She designed family conflict and healthy boundaries materials for Lutheran Hour Ministries and co-authored Stephen Ministries’ Speaking the Truth in Love: How to Be An Assertive Christian. Ruth is a frequent contributor to the LWML Quarterly and a weekly guest on the KFUO, St. Louis, “Morning Show.”

Ruth is a contributing author to the woman’s bible study devotional, A New Song: Planted by Streams of Water, and Grace Notes: Devotions for Women in the Church, both published by Concordia Publishing House.

Ruth serves on the Board of Directors for Concordia Publishing House, the Board of Regents for Concordia University Wisconsin and the board for the Women’s Leadership Institute. Ruth lives in Denver, CO and when not involved with her three teen granddaughters, she reads and knits and felts!