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“If I Have to Read that Book One More Time …”

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…What to do when your kids want the same story, over and over again. By Melissa Trujillo.

The offending text. 

When my daughter was 2, her favorite book was “Miss Nelson is Missing!” At first, my husband and I also enjoyed the tale of the misbehaving students and their sly teacher. Night after night, though, our daughter’s love failed to dim and we were left begging for another book. By the third or fourth month, we had resorted to hiding “Miss Nelson” at bedtime.

 We wanted Miss Nelson to leave as badly as the students did. 

Kids love re-reading and re-hearing their favorite books. And repetition helps increase language, memory skills and vocabulary. But if you’d rather pull your hair out than read that book ONE MORE TIME, break up the monotony and engage in different ways with these hints:

  • Have your child “read” the story to you. We were amazed when we realized that our daughter could recite “Miss Nelson” from memory and she loved retelling the story to us, in her own way.
  • Don’t read, discuss. Instead of simply reading the story, ignore the words on the page and ask your child questions to get through the book. “Why do you think the kids were so naughty? Isn’t that a funny tie on the principal?” Point out interesting parts of the pictures or have them guess what happens when the story is finished.
  • Read the story wrong. This is one of our favorite games. My kiddos love correcting me when I botch a well-known story. The sillier, the better.
  • Act it out. Retell the story using toys, stuffed animals or puppets.

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One thought on ““If I Have to Read that Book One More Time …”

  1. Dearest MOPsters, I loved being reminded by Melissa’s article the fun of being silly and changing up the endings of the stories. My husband used to do that with our children (now grown and in their 40’s). They loved his silliness and that would lead to his creative bedtime stories to the little ones. As your children grow, they also love to hear family stories at family gatherings for many years (until maybe when they become teens). Especially if you live far away from family, when you do get together please share family stories with your children because this will strengthen their family bonds….and of course the funnier the story although true, the more it will make an impression on them and they will eventually be retelling these stories to their children someday.
    Mentor Mom Pat

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