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October 2 Meeting Recap

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For the month of October our theme is Flourishing Friendships.  To coincide with that, today we watched a video put out by MOPs featuring Shauna Niequist, then had time for table discussion.  Shauna had so many interesting points to make about being a friend and finding space in our lives to build friendships.  Here are some highlighted points:

–In friends, we can see ourselves how God sees us, without all of the negative self-talk.  Friends reflect to us how God knows and loves us.

–True friendships are affirming, positive and allow for vulnerability.

–Friendship can hit some speed bumps and still make it through the long haul.  Sometimes we feel hurt or hurt our friends, but friendship is a long road and we try to get past those times.

–Find time for your friends.  Your calendar should be less about what you want to get done, and more about the people you want to spend time with.

–Let go of toxic “friendships”.  Be with people who celebrate the best parts of you and want you to succeed.  If a friend diminishes your success and highlights theirs or cuts you down, they’re not good for your soul.

–The best friendships are reciprocal relationships – each person has a balanced amount of giving and receiving.  Sometimes there is more of one or the other during different seasons in our lives (for instance when one has a baby) but overall the balance should be there.

During our table discussions we worked on a cute craft put together by Jeri to help us reach out to our friends:


IMG_5627 (1)


On the inside we put a tea bag package, and a little note that reads “A little cup of friendship, in this cup of tea.  When you sit and drink it, I hope you think of love from me!”  We also received a note card to send a handwritten note to a friend.  Let’s keep those friendships thriving!

We’ll continue to focus on Flourishing Friendships at our next meeting on October 16, which will be a craft day!  We really hope to see you there.





Author: oflcmops

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, a faith-based community that strives to meet the needs of moms with children from birth through kindergarten. MOPS groups meet regularly to celebrate the joys of motherhood and to encourage each other through the challenges. MOPS also provides opportunities for social outings throughout the year. We meet the first and third Fridays of every month September through May.

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