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Courage to be Grateful … at our next meeting.

Please plan to join us Friday, Nov. 21, for our next MOPS meeting. Vanessa will lead us in making adorable advent calendars, as we prepare for the holiday season. Table 1 has breakfast.

As always, we meet from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Our Father Lutheran Church. MOPPETS begins at 9:15.
A few other announcements:
_ This Friday is a “Secret Prayer Sister” meeting. Don’t forget to spread some love to your sister.
_ Keep collecting those canned goods. Let’s have a huge pile to share on Dec. 5.
_ We have had some minor confusion with our new table assignments. Double check your spot Friday on our new seating chart, created by Laura.
_ We are in need of some more plates for breakfast. If you’ve had a party and have some leftover paper goods of any kind, consider donating them to MOPS. I personally love seeing the mixed-up themes we have.
_ Don’t forget to keep checking our blog, oflcmops.wordpress.com. Our next question is “As moms, I think all of us have had some embarrassing moments in public with our children and have had to be strong as we’ve done the walk of shame. Post your fun moment as a comment and be entered in a drawing for a fabulous prize at our December meeting!”
See you Friday!

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Courage to Catch your Dreams

Please join us Friday, Oct. 17, for our next MOPS meeting. We will be creating dream catchers, to help remind us of all our dreams: those big for our families, those in the future for our children and those we often forget for ourselves. Please bring any yarn that you have at home and would be willing to donate to our craft.
As a reminder, we meet from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., with childcare starting at 11:15. Table 3 plans to provide a delicious breakfast spread.
A few other announcements:
_ Because of the awesome size of our group this year, we have decided to split into four tables. We believe this will allow for more in-depth conversation, reduce crowding and split up the breakfast duties. Check the table assignments when you come in!
_ If you are giving your child a snack for MOPPETS, please do not include anything with nuts, as we have some kids with allergies. Snacks are provided, but the MOPPETS staff does appreciate each child having their own sippy cup or water bottle.
_ A few school districts are on fall break this week. Older children who are usually in school are welcome at MOPPETS, however, it would help us greatly if we knew how many more to prepare for. If you’ve got a larger carload this Friday, please email oflcmops@gmail.com to let us know.
We hope to see everyone Friday for another wonderful moment of friends, fellowship and creative activity!

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Be You, Bravely! (Beginning Friday!)

We are so very excited to invite you to join the Our Father Lutheran Church MOPS group for 2014-2015 year. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month in the Community Room (lower level of the church).  Our first meeting is this Friday, September 5th, with check-in and childcare drop off beginning at 9:15 AM.

It seems that we spend all of our time doing two things, living and waiting to live.  We are often held back by things that require us to find the courage to act … conversations we need to have, risks that we have been avoiding, and taking the steps toward goals we want to accomplish.  This year’s theme, “Be You, Bravely” will nudge us out of our ruts and routines so that we can focus on making choices that will inspire us to step into healthy risk and become more our true selves.  And, we’ll do this all in the context of a community where we will cheer each other on.

Some of our planned topics for this year include: Courage to be Strong, Courage to be Intentional, Courage to be Significant, Courage to be Grateful, and Courage to be Passionate.  We also have monthly creative projects during our meetings, as well as special events that include Mom’s Night Out gatherings and fun outings with our kids!

The link to our pamphlet is:  http://www.ourfatherlutheran.net/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=L1bUea%2fWpH4%3d&tabid=256.

The registration fee is $90 per semester or $15 per meeting. Remember, your first meeting is free and we have tuition assistance for those who need it.

You can register online from this website or at our first meeting. Please plan on joining us, and feel free to pass this e-mail to any mom friends you may have. We can’t wait to see you!!

Melissa Trujillo and Jeri Hucke, 2014-2015 Co-Coordinators

Melissa: mtrujillo313@gmail.com 719-271-0847

Jeri:  jerihucke@gmail.com 602-577-4575

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2014/15 Lineup

We are excited to announce our lineup* of speakers and crafts for 2014/15!

We are looking forward to hearing from the following speakers:

  • Shawna Fisch:  Courage to be Strong–Learning self-defense to protect our children and us
  • Debbie Maynard:  Courage to be Grateful–Opening our hearts to what God gives even as bad things happen
  • Stephanie Price:  Courage to be Significant–Combating societal pressures to become disciples in the world
  • Dianne Daniels:  Courage to be a Brave Parent–Mothering like the Father

A variety of fabulous crafts have also been planned.  For the “non-crafty”,  don’t be deterred!  Everything is easy to make, yet will still impress your friends 🙂

  • Dream catchers
  • Placemat bags
  • Card/tea/picture wreaths
  • Dream boards
  • Charm bracelets and rings
  • T-shirt scarves
  • Photo blocks

Remember that our first meeting is coming up on September 5th from 9:30-11:30 a.m. We hope to see you there!

*Subject to change

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MOPS Meeting

My fridge and pantry are a mess!

Hello ladies!

For our next meeting, dietician Susan Drake wants to know: What are your top 3 nutrition questions? Do you wonder about the new gluten-free trend? Are you worried your kids are getting enough fruits or vegetables? Are you searching for that perfect plan to help you loss a few pounds? Reply to oflcmops@gmail.com by Tuesday and we’ll pass our questions on to Susan.

And now for the meeting details:
_ Our next meeting is Friday, April 4, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Childcare begins at 9:15 a.m.
_ Table 1 has breakfast.
_ Are you interested in doing a devotional? We could use another member’s voice! E-mail Melissa at mtrujillo313@gmail.com if you’re interested. Any story, scripture or reading will work.

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MOPS Meeting

Hi wonderful moms!

This month, let’s put our crafting hands away and pull out our thumbs (green or otherwise). During our next meeting, Friday, March 21, we’ll be planting succulent gardens.

MOPS will provide the soil and plants, but you’re responsible for your own pot. Make it roughly 4 inches wide and 4 inches deep with drainage holes. We’ll have a few extras should someone forget.

Now for the usual details:

_ Table 3 has breakfast.
_ We meet from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., with childcare starting at 9:15.
_ We know some of you have kiddos who’ll be on spring break during the next two meetings. You are welcome to bring them to MOPPETS if needed! Just shoot us an e-mail (oflcmops@gmail.com) beforehand so we can be prepared.

See you Friday!

Melissa and Amy.

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MOPS Meeting

Hello moms!

Can you feel it? There may still be snow on the ground and in the forecast, but spring is just around the corner. If your yard needs some TLC, this Friday’s meeting is for you.

Our speaker is master gardener Tammy Jansen, who’ll talk to us about getting our little ones involved in the garden. So bring your questions and your thumbs, as Tammy surely will help turn them green!

As usual, we meet beginning at 9:30 a.m. On Friday at Our Father. Childcare is provided, beginning at 9:15 a.m. Table 2 has breakfast.